Having in mind the most dynamic economic development of the region, especially in spheres of tourism and house construction industires, where the highest competitions of architectural and technological solutions are taking place, it became a must and epochal necessity to present and apply the multifunctional "SUN PLAST" modular floating platforms.

SUN PLAST" is your artificial island, harbor, quay, marina, mooring for boats, yachts and water sports. It is an excellent entertainment and rest center for children and adults on water; a place to hold both corporate events, active rest on water, birthdays, business presentations and quite familiy holidays with children.

Systems which are at all not demanding service; they are protected from damage by fuel, ice water or acid, can remain in water for a long time and then can be easily demounted or recombined. "SUN PLAST" is not subject to influence of ultra-violet beams and do not burn out on the sun. It is created specially for the sea.

After separate modules are clamped between each other with the help of special pins they make up a final construction that offers high foat and carrying capacity (up to 350 kg/m2 or 700 kg/m2 when put in two layers). Such platform strength characteristics are time-proved during a long time period both in sea and fresh reservoir, proved by exploitation experiance for more than 25 years abroad (Austria, Germany, the USA, Canada, UAE, Egypt, Russia) and in Ukraine (Odessa, Kiev, Sevastopol, Yalta and Kerch). The platform is set on water next to coastline, is moored to the existing pier construction or a coast and is additionally anchored. There is a ladder to go ashore.

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