Using a jet ski or a boat is a wonderful vacation. However, improper maintenance of the boat can be costly. Long-term storage of the vessel on the water threatens the overgrowth of the bottom. This leads to a deterioration in driving performance and increases the cost of operation.

SUN MARINA presents a universal way of lifting and storing hydrocycles and boats on the quay - V-DOCK. For a comfortable rest on the water, such a slip-pier is simply necessary.

Installing V-DOCK does not take long, the hydrocycle will be dry and safe, and about such troubles as scratches, collisions, floating debris, algae and marine fauna, you will forget once and for all.

V-modules in size 50h50h32 cm are combined in V-DOCK - dry dock for your boat or jet ski. The dry dock will reliably protect the equipment from fouling and accidental damage. If necessary, the system can be supplemented with rollers and a winch for smooth descent and ascent to the dock.

The pontoon consists of a durable but at the same time soft plastic that does not have sharp edges and will leave no traces on your boat or hydrocycle. Conversely, most models of water technology do not scratch the pontoon itself. Only in the event that the editors of your boat are still clinging to plastic, we propose to install a roller system. It is mounted on a ready-made pontoon without the need for disassembly.

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